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Recent papers:

'Understanding Eunice Foote's 1856 Experiments', Notes Rec. 76, (2022), 67–84, with Joe Ortiz.


'Eunice Foote, John Tyndall and a Question of Priority', Notes Rec. 74, (2020), 105–18.

'Synthetic biology and the prospects for responsible innovation', Essays In Biochemistry 60, (2016), 347–55, with Phil Macnaghten and Richard Owen.

'John Tyndall and the Early History of Diamagnetism', Annals of Science 72, (2015), 435–89.

'John Tyndall and the Royal Medal that was never struck', Notes Rec. 68, (2014), 151–64.

'Strengths of Public Dialogue on Science-related Issues', Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy 8, (2005), 349–58, with Helen Haste and Fiona Barbagallo.

Many other papers on science museums, science centres and the internet, plus:

Two GCSE resource books Thinking through Science with David Edwards and S. Beer (HarperCollins, 1991).

Fuels topic for Nuffield Co-ordinated Science (1987).

Contributions to the Science and Technology in Society Project (SATIS, 1986).

Chemistry in Use, a GCSE textbook (Longman, 1984).

Earlier papers with various co-authors:

'Role of tyrosines in the combining site of the dinitrophenyl-binding IgA myeloma M315: specific nitration and high-resolution hydrogen-1 nuclear magnetic resonance studies', Biochemistry 21 (1982), 51249.

'Antibody specificity: a 270-MHz hydrogen-1 nuclear magnetic resonance study of the binding of dinitrophenyl compounds to the VL dimer of protein 315'. Biochemistry 20 (1981), 233945.

'On the contribution of tryptophan to the affinity and specificity of anti-dinitrophenyl antibodies', Mol. Immun. 18 (1981), 499506.

'On the role of Tyr 34L in the antibody combining site of the dinitrophenyl-binding protein 315', Mol. Immun. 16 (1979), 95763.

'The binding of 2,4,6-trinitrophenyl derivatives to the mouse myeloma immunoglobulin A protein MOPC 315', Biochem. J. 169 (1978), 17988.

'The combining site of the dinitrophenyl-binding immunoglobulin A myeloma protein MOPC 315', Biochem. J. (1977) 165, 20725.

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